Who we are

ENTHub is a human resource solutions agency that provides HR services to organizations or individuals as well as connects SME’s to potential clients via our uniquely structured events and programs.

We help young businesses achieve their mission quicky and at ease by providing essential HR services,consulting and effective training.

Our Services

Overview of the services we can provide you.

Human resource consulting

Public relations services

Recruitment Services

Training and development

Workshops and conferences

Our Mission

To provide HR services and solutions to organizations and connect startups/ sme’s to potential clients.

Our Vision

To be the leading hub of expert HR service that simultaneously provides clients for startups and services for organizations.

Core Values

* Diversity
* Empowerment
* Integrity
* Community

EntHub began its journey to becoming a youth human resource hub in 2019. Commencing with our Meetup Exhibition(networking event), we provided platforms and opportunities to young businesses as well as educated emerging brands on various topics including brand strategy and management.
The annual Startup Nexus is a networking events created to bring together various startups and business minded individuals, to connect as well as be educated on various business and brand strategies. We also provide a platform during the Startup Nexus for individuals to pitch their business idea.
EntHub strives to cater for the career needs of young creatives! Thus, why we organize an annual open mic night for upcoming musicians and spoken word artists, the open mic provides them with a platform to perform in front of an audience, network with top musicians and producers from record labels across the country.


Some of our previously held events


Some images from our previous events
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